The success of the Food Fortress scheme continues with the agrifood industry recognising the enhanced level of protection it brings to the provinces’ vitally important livestock sector.

 The scheme is now open to all feed producers in Ireland and according to Food Fortress coordinator, Robin Irvine “The response has been terrific – we are going into this winter with 70 businesses, covering all the compound feed used in Northern Ireland and a significant proportion of the Southern market, in membership of the scheme”

There are now 70 feed businesses in the Food Fortress scheme.
There are now 70 feed businesses in the Food Fortress scheme.

The current program will test 247 samples for a range of heavy metals, 189 samples for the principle mycotoxins, 160 samples for Dioxins and 80 samples for pesticide residues. 

This information is shared with the membership on a monthly basis and brings an unparalleled level of surveillance of the most high risk contaminants in the feed sector.

“The Food Fortress logo is now established as the badge of safer feed and our challenge to the businesses further along the food chain is to recognize and promote the fact that livestock produced through our quality schemes here in Northern Ireland has added value in terms of its provenance and safety. The program is established as a partnership between Queens University, Belfast and the Northern Ireland Gain Trade Association and has been supported by Invest NI through its Collaborative Network program.